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Inter-Departmental Seminar conducted by department of Education on 15.2.2020

As per the schedule made by the IQAC and Research Committee of Dimapur Govt College Dimapur, the department of Education organized an Inter-departmental seminar on 15th February 2020. The topic of the seminar was “An analysis of the role of social media on the studies of undergraduate students: A case study of Dimapur Government College”. It was a team work carried out by all the members of the department. On behalf of the department Ms. Diethoseu Mepfhuo, HoD presented the paper before the teaching faculty and Principal. There was a thorough discussion after the presentation of the paper. There were a number of findings through the study.

The seminar ended with vote of thanks given by Ms. Rebainla, Associate Professor, department of Education.

 Inter-departmental Seminar conducted by department of Psychology on 15.02.2020

 The Research Committee of Dimapur Government College organised the Inter-Departmental Seminar on the 15th February 2020. The paper was presented by Ms. Puli. I. Chishi, HoD, Department of Psychology and the seminar was chaired by Ms. Rukuoviu, Department of Psychology.

            The topic of the seminar was “Understanding Mental Health and Well-Being”. The presenter stressed on the importance of mental health and how, like any physical sickness, our mental health is as important as our physical health. She highlighted that depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. A person dies from suicide every 40 seconds according to a study. The presenter focused more on the importance of mental health among adolescents, since most students fall under this category. She emphasised on studies, which revealed that one in six people with mental illness are aged 10-19 years and mental disorders begins before the age of 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated. In conclusion, she elaborated on the characteristics of adolescents which are: period of rapid physical/biological and psychological repercussions, appearance and career consciousness, attraction towards the opposite sex, cognitive development, hero worship etc.

            The seminar ended with a discussion and vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Rebainla from the department of Education.

The morning assembly was conducted by the Dept. of English in the college auditorium. The assembly started on a solemn note with the singing of the College Anthem led by the VI Semester English Honours students. An introduction to ‘Fit India Movement’ was given by Dr. Benjongkumba Imchen, Convenor of Sports Committee. The ‘Fit India Movement,’ is an initiative of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. The objective is to keep every citizen of India fit and healthy. To this end the MHRD has directed all the educational institutions in India to accommodate this activity in daily class routine and organise activities all through the year. This activity in the college will be under the purview of the Sports Committee.

 Ms. K. Ela, Director of Prodigals Home, Dimapur, gave a motivational talk on social concerns and youth. She stressed on the value and importance of life where students can be the catalysts of change. She encouraged the students not to get into drugs and alcohol, which could destroy their lives. Despite Right to Education, there are so many children who are not able to go to school and therefore the students should consider themselves greatly privileged at getting a college education. Urging the students to act as responsible agents by reaching out especially to children and women in abusive or exploitative situations she provided the Helpline numbers for reporting such cases. She also stressed on the right to live a life of dignity for the physically and mentally challenged people; that it is the ‘abled’ people who can make things better for them. Sharing her own experiences in her work place, she encouraged the students to feel ‘disturbed and burdened’ because one is never too young to play a positive role of change in society, to transform it from the current state of affairs.

 Certificates were awarded to 18 NCC cadets of DGC for successful completion of CNTC. The assembly programme was chaired by Toshimenba Imchen of BA VI Sem (English Hons).

A poem was also recited by David Mao of B.A II Sem (English Hons) titled ‘After Life.’ The Assembly concluded with the Lord’s Prayer led by Shau of B.A VI Sem (English Hons).

The Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) Club of Dimapur Government College organized          ” Quiz Competition on Madhya Pradesh ” under EBSB Campaign 2020 in the college premises on the 29th of February 2020.

The program was chaired by the Nodal Officer of EBSB, DGC, Khrieo Rutsa. He explained the concept and rationale behind this flagship program of the government of India, which was to enable young citizens of India to learn of cultures beyond their states. He informed the gathering of students, faculty and Principal of the college that Madhya Pradesh was the partner state of Nagaland and that cultural exchange programs among the student communities of the two states are taking place.

The Principal of DGC, Ms. Alemla Imsong exhorted the students to take part in EBSB with enthusiasm and to be aware of the activities under EBSB. She expressed the intention of the college to begin Hindi classes in the near future to enable students to express themselves in the language of their partner state.

The quiz ensued with Dr. Maongkala Longchar , Assistant  Professor, as Quiz Master; Meren Jamir, Assistant Professor as Time Keeper and Purtila, Assistant Professor as Score Keeper.
There were three rounds consisting of two question rounds and a visual round. Four teams consisting of the four houses of the college, namely Dikhu, Tizu, Dhansiri and Doyang participated.

The results are as follows:

1st Position-: Dikhu House –

        1. Ajeih Y Konyak BA 6 Sem,
        2. Bijay Kumar B. Com 4 Sem
        3. Imesen Jamir BA 6 Sem



2nd position: Tizu House

  1. Arkumla Jamir BA 4 Sem
  2. K. Sunamani Singh BA 4 Sem
  3. Toyika Achumi   BA 4 Sem
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