Bank Details:

  1. Online filling up of the form shall be done through the College website
  2. Admission form without the Pledge form shall be rejected.
  3. Non-refundable of Rs. 100 only shall be deposited as an application fee.
  4. Selection of the hostellers will be done only after the selection for the degree course is done by the College.
  5. Fee to be paid at the time of admission : Rs. 5785
    1. Admission fee : Rs. 1285
    2. Security deposit (refundable) : Rs. 1500
    3. One month fee (Girls) : Rs. 3000
    4. One month fee (Boys) : Rs. 3500
  6. Three (3) copies of recent passport size photograph shall be submitted at the time admitting the hostel.
  7. All payments during admission shall be made online to the DGC College Bank Account.


The applicants must read the following rules and regulations of the hostel carefully before applying for hostel seat.

  1. Academic essence:
    1. The students must know that the hostel is the home of the students for studies.
    2. The students must develop healthy study environment within the hostel premises.
    3. Creating disturbance to healthy study environment shall invite disciplinary action.
    4. Having backlog in any semester shall forfeit their hostel seat in the next semester.
  2. Maintenance of the Hostel:
    1. Furniture, electric, fitting and hostel properties should be maintained in good conditions.
    2. Any damage done to the hostel property shall be liable to imposition of fines or replacement.
    3. Hostel articles issued to the students must be returned to the Warden in original working condition before their departure.
    4. Lights and fans to be switched off when no one is in the room.
    5. Use of electrical gadgets such as iron, heater and cooking stove are strictly prohibited unless at designated places.
  3. Safety and Security:
    1. Hostellers are responsible to safeguard their personal belongings. The authority shall not be responsible for lost of personal belongings
    2. No one will be allowed to stay out overnight without proper verification from the Parents or local guardian.
    3. No outsider shall be allowed to stay overnight in the hostel.
    4. No inmates shall occupy or interchange their rooms without prior permission from the Warden.
    5. All the hostellers must have a local guardian in Dimapur.
    6. Any physical or mental harassment towards fellow inmates including ragging, quarrelling, using abusive language and violent behavior shall invite disciplinary action.
  4. Routine:
    1. Hostel will be opened from 6:00 am to 5: pm.
    2. Every hosteller shall maintain strict discipline in the hostel.
    3. There shall be Roll Call every day and it is compulsory for all hostellers to be present during Roll Call.
    4. Daily routine of the inmates framed by the authority shall be strictly maintained.
    5. Timing for meals should be strictly followed. Every hosteller shall eat in the general mess and no extra self-cooking or cooking in rooms shall be allowed.
  5. Hostel Fee:
    1. Non-refundable application fee of Rs. 100 only shall be deposited along with the submission of the application form.
    2. Hostel admission fee is Rs. 1285 only (non-refundable)
    3. Security money of Rs. 1500 only shall be deposited which is refundable at the time leaving the hostel. However, hostellers leaving the hostel in between the semester shall forfeit security deposit.
    4. Maintenance fee of Rs. 300 only shall be realized for 12 months a year
    5. Monthly fee for Girls – Rs. 3000/- and for Boys – Rs. 3500/- only inclusive of maintenance fee
    6. Monthly Fee shall be paid either in full or half and not on daily basis.
    7. Monthly fee shall be paid before 10th of every month.
  6. Visitation:
    1. Visiting days for visitors shall be on 2nd and 4th Saturdays
    2. Hostellers overnight stay will be allowed on 2nd Saturday with proper permission
  7. Discipline:
    1. Use of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances are strictly prohibited.
    2. In case leaving the hostel before the vacation, college leave should be obtained prior to hostel leave petition.
    3. In case of arriving late after vacation, proper prior permission should be obtained from Warden.
    4. Healthy study environment shall be sincerely maintained by all the hostellers.
    5. Hostellers shall be responsible for maintaining cleanliness, beautification and hygienic environment within the room as well as within the hostel compound.
    6. Students shall not be allowed to organize group activities in their rooms.
    7. All hostellers must cooperate in duties and assignments allocated by the Warden.
    8. Grievances or suggestions can be given to the Grievances and Suggestion box.
    9. Staying or loitering in the hostel campus during class hour shall not be allowed unless in case of sickness or urgency.
  8. Penalty of the hostellers: Any violation of the hostel rules shall be penalized according to the gravity of the offence. Extreme/intolerable behaviour may invoke expulsion without warning.

DGC Hostel Management Committee