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Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of the College are framed by the Management and the Principal to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere.

Students of Dimapur Govt.College are expected to be polite and positive in their behaviour and attitude to one and all within and outside the College. The College desires that the students nurture a quest for academic excellence, love for hard work, team spirit and exhibit exemplary discipline and good conduct at all times during their stay in the College.

  • Students are expected to be regular in the classes and maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in all the subjects.
  • The College authority does not accept any request for leave from the students. Requirements for leave has to be met from the 25% relaxation in attendance as allowed.
  • Any student found indulging in unfair means during examinations is liable for expulsion.
  • Use of tobacco products, alcohol and banned drugs, narcotics substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to carry any harmful weapons / gadgets with them inside the College campus.
  • Use of Cell phones inside the classrooms is strictly prohibited. If found in use, it shall be confiscated for the entire semester.
  • No tribal student union or association shall be allowed to function without the prior approval of the College authority.
  • As per the directive of the University Grants Commission, ragging is totally banned. Suitable action shall be initiated against defaulters.
  • Students are expected to keep their class rooms clean and hygienic. For any willful damage to the College property, fines will be realized / recovered from the concerned students[s].
  • Students are expected to carry their Identity Card with them at all times. The Card must be renewed at the start of subsequent semesters.
  • Students who wish to take Transfer Certificate have to submit an application addressed to the Principal along with no due and clearance certificate issued by the Librarian. A “No Objection” letter has to be procured from the University for transfer to another institution and for which an acceptance form has to be signed by the accepting College authority.
  • College Identity Cards: Possession of the student identity card signed by the Principal is compulsory. Identity cards will be issued to all bonafide students after admission and the same must be renewed during the subsequent academic years.