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(ISSN 2349 – 8269)

              The Dimapur Government College publishes an Inter-disciplinary Peer-Reviewed Journal annually titled Dimapur Government College Journal. Hence, research papers are invited from Teachers, Academicians and Research Scholars for publication of its 10th edition as Dimapur Government College Journal, Vol –X, Issue 1.

 The following guidelines are laid down for submission of papers for publication:

  1. The proposed paper must be an original work of the author(s) which has neither been published nor given for publication elsewhere. An undertaking to this end must accompany every manuscript. The format can be downloaded from the Dimapur Government College website (www.dimapurgovtcollege.in).
  2. The manuscript should be typed in MS Word in Times New Roman font with a size of 12 points, keeping one inch margin on all sides.
  3. The paper should carry an abstract in not more than 250 words and the paper should not exceed 3000 words including all entries.
  4. The paper should start with the title, followed by the abstract, keywords and the full paper including references.
  5. The following details should be included as applicable to the respective discipline: introduction, objectives, methodology, findings and analysis (discussion), suggestions and recommendations and conclusion. Finally, a list of the works referred to by the authors must be included.
  6. All citations and referencing shall follow either APA or MLA styles as applicable to the discipline or area of study.
  7. The language usage is preferably British English.
  8. Personal details of the author(s) viz. name, designation, organisation, postal address, email address, phone number, etc. should be provided at the time of submission for further communication.
  9. All papers are to be sent to the following email address: dgcjournal@gmail.com.
  10. The copyright of the Journal remains with Dimapur Government College, Dimapur. However, the ideas and findings expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the position of the editorial board of the journal.

 Selection process:

  1. An abstract not exceeding 250 words should be submitted on or before 5th February, 2024.
  2. Selected abstracts will be intimated by 15th February, 2024.
  3. The deadline for full paper submission is 10th March, 2024.
  4. The final submission of the full paper does not guarantee its publication. The submitted paper will go through a thorough review process by peer reviewers and editorial board before a final call on the paper.



DGC Journal Vol-X, Issue 1                                               


Dimapur Government College

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