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No. DGC/IQAC/2016-02/                                                                                                                          Dated, Dimapur the 11th March 2020


In partial modification of Notification No. DGC/IQAC/2016-02/ dated 26th June 2018 and subsequent modifications from time to time, the following changes are made in the distribution of assignments for both Teaching and Non-teaching staff with immediate effect. All concerned are requested to comply in the interest of the institution.

Sl.No.CommitteeName of Members
1.Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)1.    Principal (Chairperson)


2.    Dr. Vitsosie Vupru (Co-ordinator)

3.    Dr. Maongkala Longchar (Secretary)

4.    Ms. Opangmenla (Treasurer)

5.    Dr. Benjongkumba

6.    Ms. Meripeni Ngully

7.    Mr. Lhipe Naro

8.    Mr. Niketu Siam (Librarian)

9.    Ms. Imkongmenla Longkumer

10    Vice Principal

11   Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (SrHA)

12   Vice President, DGCSC (Students Representative)

13    Mr. K. Temjen Jamir (Alumni)

14    Mr. Geoffrey Yaden

15. Mr. Basu Damani

16. Nodal Officer (Dte. Of Hr. Edu)

2.DGC RUSA Monitoring Cell (DRMC)1.Principal (Convenor).


2. Mr. Khrieo Rutsa (Co-ordinator).

3. Ms. Neisenuo Apon Rengma

4. Dr. Maongkala Longchar.

5. Ms. Mithu Longkumer

6. Ms. Purtila

7. Ms. Opangmenla

8.Ms. Ningshijungla

9. Mr. Lekokonen

10. Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (SrHA)

3.Girls Hostel Management Committee (GHMC)1. Ms. Diethoseu Mepfhuo (Convenor)


2. Ms. Lily Rino

3. Ms. Ningshijungla Longchar

4. Ms. Bokali Kibami

 5. Dr. Yelhi Vero

6. Hostel Prefect/Asstt Prefect

4.Boys Hostel Management Committee (BHMC)1.    Dr. Vinyuhu Lhoungu (Convenor)


2.    Mr. Lekokonen

3.    Mr. Lhipe Naro

4.    Dr. Hare Krushna Parhi

5.    Hostel Prefect/Asstt Prefect

5.Community College Managing Board (CCMB)1.Principal (Convenor)


2. Dr. T. Jamedi Longkumer (Co-ordinator)

3. Ms. Keweu Vupru

4. Ms. Purtila

5. Mr. E.L. Kikon

6. Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (SrHA)

6.Library Advisory Committee (LAC)1.      Principal (Convenor)


2.      Mr. Niketu Siam (Librarian)

3.      Vice Principal

4.      Dr. Yelhi Vero

5.      Ms. Anungla Aier

6.      Ms. Khrienuo

7.Admission Committee (AdC)1.     Principal (Convenor)


2.    All HoDs

8.Election Committee (EC)1.      Vice Principal (Convenor)
9.Alumni Committee (AC)1.    Ms. Limanaro Amer (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Diethoseu Mepfhuo

3.    Ms. Lily Rino

4.    Ms. Opangmenla

5.    Dr. Asangba Tzudir

6.    Ms. Puli I. Chishi

7.    Mr. Ikiho (LDA)

10.Parent Teacher Association (PTA)1.    Ms. Keweu Vupru (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Sashirenla Ozukum

8.    Mr. Khrieo Rutsa

3.    Ms. Asenla T. Longkumer

4.    Dr. Hannah Tia

5.    Mr. E.L. Kikon

6.    Mr. K. Yanger (UDA)

11Mentoring Committee (MC)1.    Ms. N. Sentinungla Pongen (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Pudezono Tase Rose

3.    Ms. Limanaro Amer

4.    Mr. P. Supong Jamir

5.    Ms. Vivi Swu

6.    Mr. Bendangzulu (LDA)

12.Common Room In-Charges (CRI)1.    Mr. Kereivilie Kire –Boys CR


2.    Ms. Rukuoviu –Girls CR

3.    Boys CR Secretary

4.    Girls CR Secretary

13.Students’ Advisory Committee (SAdC)


(Also to look after Anti Tobacco Cell.)

1.    Mr. Lhipe Naro (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Anungla Aier

3.    Ms. Sedevino

4.    Dr. Vitsosie Vupru

5.    Ms. N. Sentinungla Pongen

14.Students Assessment Committee (SAC)1.    Dr.T. Jamedi Longkumer



2.    Dr. Hannah Tia

3.    Ms Puli I. Chishi

4.    Ms. Vipinuo Kehie

5.    Ms Imkongmenla Longkumer

15.Students’ Welfare Committee (SWC)1.    Ms. Khrienuo (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Bokali Kibami

3.    Ms. Imtikokla Ozukum

4.    Ms. Purtila

5.    Ms. Nukshisangla Lemtur

6.    Mr. P. Supong Jamir

16.Remedial and Coaching Cell (RCC)1.    Dr. Hare Krushna Parhi (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Buno Angami

3.    Ms. Sedevino

4.    Ms. Rebainla

5.    Ms. Nukshisangla Lemtur

17.Career Counseling & Placement Cell (CCPC)1.    Mr. Temjenmeren (Convenor)


2.    Dr. Vinyuhu Lhoungu

3.    Ms. Rebainla

4.    Ms. Ningshijungla Longchar

5.    Ms. Asenla T. Longkumer

6.    Dr. Hare Krushna Parhi

7.    Ms. Rukuoviu

8.    Mr. Biswajit Sarkar

18.Sports Committee (SC)1.    Dr. Benjongkumba (Convenor)


2.    Mr. M. Angami

3.    Mr. Lekokonen Longkumer

4.    Ms. Sashirenla Ozukum

5.    Ms. Neisenuo Apon Rengma

6.    Ms. Selina Walling

7.    Mr. Kereivilie Kire

8.    Ms. Shuiching Konyak

9.    Ms. Sentinungla

10.Ms. Imtikokla Ozukum

19.Information & Communication Technology Committee (ICTC)1.    Mr. E.L. Kikon (Convenor)


2.    Mr. Meren Jamir

3.    Ms. Puli I. Chishi

4.    Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (SrHA)

5.    Ms. L. Meyila Longchr (LDA)

20.Research Committee (RC)1.    Dr. Yelhi Vero (Convenor)


2.    Dr. Asangba Tzudir – Secretary

3.    Dr. T. Jamedi Longkumer

4.    Dr. Benjongkumba           

5.    Ms. Vivi Swu                               

6.    Ms. Herali Achumi                       

7.    Ms. Imkongmenla Longkumer                 

21.Magazine & Handbook Committee (MHC)1.    Ms. Imtikokla Ozukum (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Alemtula

3.    Ms. I. Suzzana Yaden

4.    Ms. Nukshisangla

5.    Ms. Rukuoviu

6.    Mr. Lekokonen

7.    Mr. Meren Jamir

8.    Literary Secretary DGCSC

22.Curriculum Committee (CmC)1.    Ms. Meripeni Ngully (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Sedevino

3.    Dr. T. Jamedi Longkumer

4.    Ms. Diethoseu Mepfhuo

5.    Ms. Selina Walling

6.    Mr. M. Angami

23.Publicity & Media Cell (PMC)1.    Ms. A Sentiyula (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Alemtula

3.    Ms. Neisenuo Apon Rengma

4.    Mr. Lekokonen

5.    Dr. Asangba Tzudir

6.    Ms. Herali Achumi

7.    Students Information & Publicity Secy

24.Disaster Management Committee (DMC)1.    Mr. Biswajit Sarkar (Convenor)


2.    Mr. Temjenmeren

3.    Ms. Sashirenla Ozukum

4.    Ms. Selina Walling

5.    Ms. Ajungla Longkumer (LDA)

6.    Mr. Tinuwangshi Jamir (LDA)

25.Reception & Hospitality Committee (RHC)



1.    Ms. Lily Rino (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Limanaro Amer

3.    Ms. N. Sentinungla Pongen

4.    Ms. Shuiching Konyak

5.    Ms. Vipinuo Kehie

6.    Ms. Asenla T. Longkumer

7.    Community College Faculty

26.Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC)1.    Principal (Convenor)


2.    Dr. Vinyuhu Lhoungu

3.    Mr. Y. Thangsoi

4.    Dr. Asangba Tzudir

5.    Mr. P. Supong Jamir

6.    Ms. Imkongmenla Longkumer

27.College Uniform Compliance Committee (CUCC)1.    Ms. Lily Rino (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Pudezono Tase Rose

3.    Mr. Y. Thangsoi

4.    Dr. Hannah Tia

28.Event Management Committee (EMC)



1.    Convenor – Principal


2.    Co-ordinator – Ms. Meripeni Ngully

3.    Physical Arrangements: i/c Mr. Temjenmeren, Dr. Benjongkumba, K. Yanger, Ikiho

4.    ICT Arrangement: i/c Mr. Meren Jamir

5.    Programme/Invitation & Flex Printing: i/c Dr. Maongkala Longchar

6.    Decorations: i/c Ms. Opangmenla & Ms. Keweu Vupru

7.    Bouquet/Presentations: i/c Ms. Watisenla

8.    Refreshments: i/c Ms. Mithu & Ms Limanaro

9.    Media: i/c Ms. A. Sentiyula

10    Overall Supervision: Students Advisory Committee

29.Tender & Purchase Committee (TPC)1.    Principal (Convenor)


2.    Dr. Vitsosie Vupru

3.    Mr. Y. Thangsoi

4.    Mr. Biswajit Sarkar

30.Canteen Management Committee (CMC)1.    Ms. Mithu Longkumer (Convenor)


2.    Ms. Vipinuo Kehie

3.    Ms.Moamongla Aier

4.    Ms. Herali Achumi

5.    Ms. Khrienuo

31.Internal Committee for Protection of Women (ICPW) and Internal Compliant Committee (ICC)1.      Ms Buno Angami (Convenor)


2.      Dr. Hare Krushna Parhi

3.      Ms. Nukshisangla Lemtur

4.      Students Woman Co-ordinator

32.Internal Committee for Persons with Disabilities (ICPD)1.      Ms. Purtila (Convenor)


2.      Mr. Lhipe Naro

3.      Dr. Hannah Tia

4.      Ms. Rukuoviu

33.JAL SHAKTI TEAM (JST)1.      Mr. Supong Jamir (Convenor)


2.      Mr. Khrieo Rutsa

3.      Ms. Imkongmenla Longkumer

4.      Ms. Selina Walling

5.      Mr. Kereivilie Kire

34Internal Audit Committee (IAC)1.      Ms. Pudezono Tase Rose (Convenor)


2.      Dr. Vinyuhu Lhoungu

3.      Mr. Biswajit Sarkar

35Anti Ragging Cell (ARC)1.      Ms. Puli I. Chishil (Convenor)


2.      Ms. Imtikokla Ozukum

3.      Ms. I. Suzzana Yaden

4.      Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (Sr.HA)

36Grievances Redressal Cell (GRC)5.      Principal (Convenor)


6.      Vice Principal

1.      Sr.HA

1.Eco Club1.      Eco & Beautification Cell (EBC)


Ms. Moamongla Aier (Convenor)

Ms. Watisenla

Dr. Benjongkumba

Ms. Anungla Aier

Ms. Vivi Swu

Ms. Buno Angami

Mr. Ikiho (LDA)

2.      Malis

3.      Mr & Miss Freshers

2.Literati Club (LC)1.      English Department


2.      Students Literacy Secy

3.Performing & Fine Arts Club (PFAC)1.      Ms. I. Suzzana Yaden (Convenor)


2.      Ms. Mithu Longkumer

3.      Ms. Shuiching Konyak

4.      Ms. Puli I. Chishi

5.      Ms. Selina Walling

4.NSS & Red Ribbon Club (NSS/RRC)1.    Mr. M. Angami (Convenor)


2.    Mr. Meren Jamir

3.    Ms. Neisenuo Apon Rengma

5.National Cadet Corps (NCC)1.    Ms. Watisenla (ANO)


2.    Mr. E.L. Kikon (ANO)

4.       Cultural Club (ClC)1.   President, DGCSC (Convenor)


2.   Cultural Secy, DGCSC (Secretary)

3.   Vice President, DGCSC

4.   Women Coordinator, DGCSC

5.   Ms. Meripeni Ngully

6.   Ms. Bokali Kibami

7.   Mr. Biswajit Sarkar

8.   Mr. Meren Jamir

9.   Ms. Herali Achumi

 10. Ms. Sashirenla Ozukum


  1. Ms. A. Sentiyula – Nodal Officer, IQAC.
  2. Dr. Asangba Tzudir – Media Champion, DGC.



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