Dimapur Government College

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Along with the rest of the country, Dimapur Govt. College, Dimapur also observed the Constitution Day in the college auditorium. Ms. Khrienuo Angami, who chaired the programme opened the proceedings by highlighting the history of the constitution of Indian and its importance. Led by Ms. Sedevino, Asso. Prof, the faculty, staff and students took the pledge in reading out “The Preamble.”  During the programme, live telecast of the programme from the central house of Parliament commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Indian Constitution was also watched.

The Constitution assumes a day of national importance, because it is there to guide the citizens of India, the various government bodies and other authorities in the right manner so that peace and prosperity is ensured in a diverse country like India. Going by the content of the constitution, it is rightly said that the Constitution is the supreme power of the country, wherein, even the decisions made in the Parliament and Supreme Court of India are all based on the laws and codes defined in the Constitution of India.

Even as the Pledge on “The Preamble” was solemnly taken during the programme, it once again drew monumental insights from history on the coming of the Indian Constitution, and a reaffirmation of what the constitution calls forth from every citizen of India.

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