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Education & Psychology Seminar Reports & Pics ,15.2.2020

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Inter-Departmental Seminar conducted by department of Education on 15.2.2020

As per the schedule made by the IQAC and Research Committee of Dimapur Govt College Dimapur, the department of Education organized an Inter-departmental seminar on 15th February 2020. The topic of the seminar was “An analysis of the role of social media on the studies of undergraduate students: A case study of Dimapur Government College”. It was a team work carried out by all the members of the department. On behalf of the department Ms. Diethoseu Mepfhuo, HoD presented the paper before the teaching faculty and Principal. There was a thorough discussion after the presentation of the paper. There were a number of findings through the study.

The seminar ended with vote of thanks given by Ms. Rebainla, Associate Professor, department of Education.


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 Inter-departmental Seminar conducted by department of Psychology on 15.02.2020

 The Research Committee of Dimapur Government College organised the Inter-Departmental Seminar on the 15th February 2020. The paper was presented by Ms. Puli. I. Chishi, HoD, Department of Psychology and the seminar was chaired by Ms. Rukuoviu, Department of Psychology.

            The topic of the seminar was “Understanding Mental Health and Well-Being”. The presenter stressed on the importance of mental health and how, like any physical sickness, our mental health is as important as our physical health. She highlighted that depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. A person dies from suicide every 40 seconds according to a study. The presenter focused more on the importance of mental health among adolescents, since most students fall under this category. She emphasised on studies, which revealed that one in six people with mental illness are aged 10-19 years and mental disorders begins before the age of 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated. In conclusion, she elaborated on the characteristics of adolescents which are: period of rapid physical/biological and psychological repercussions, appearance and career consciousness, attraction towards the opposite sex, cognitive development, hero worship etc.

            The seminar ended with a discussion and vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Rebainla from the department of Education.


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