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Graduating Students Interactive Programme 2022

The department of economics conducted a Graduating Students Interactive Programme (GSIP) on 5th May, 2022 in Room No 22 at 12:00 noon, Dimapur Government College, Dimapur. Ms. Pudezono Tase, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, DGC chaired the programme.

The speakers of the programme were Dr. Vitsosie Vüprü, Dr. Vinyühu Lhoungu and Dr. Yelhi Vero. Dr. Vitsosie Vüprü, Associate Professor, Department of Economics delivered a talk on “A Roadmap After Graduation”. He highlighted various important steps in which every individual must prepare themselves in a form of roadmap in order to achieve one’s aim in life. “Post Graduate Studies and Research Fellowships” was taken by Dr. Yelhi Vero, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, DGC. He stated various post graduate study programmes such as post graduate diploma and certificate courses, master’s course and Ph.D (Research) fellowships available within India and abroad. Also, Dr. Vinyühu Lhoungu, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, DGC had a talk on “Career Choice”. He advised students to be careful in choosing career in any profession even outside the government sector including choosing life partner. Later in the interactive session, students asked question like how did the teachers chose the teaching profession and to which all the teachers have shared their experiences.

In the opening of the programme, Dr. M. Libangthung Ngullie, Principal, DGC addressed the students by encouraging the students to work hard to achieve goals in life and also stated various advantages attached with economic subject in the job market. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Ngunying Konyak, 6th Semester, Economics Honours, Dimapur Government College, Dimapur. After which, the teachers were taken by pleasant surprise by the students where they presented gifts as token of their love and appreciation. The students also arranged a farewell cake for the teachers.

Altogether, 49 students and 6 teachers attended the programme.



(Dr. Yelhi Vero)
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Dimapur Government College
Dimapur, Nagaland

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