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Inauguration Programme of DGC Girls’ Hostel Annexe on 28.10.2020

 The Dimapur Government College Girls’ Hostel Annexe was inaugurated on the 28th of October, 2020 in a simple function.

The programme, orgainised by the Girls’ Hostel Management Committee (GHMC) was chaired by Dr. Yelhi Vero, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics. Ms.Sedevino Jakhalu, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science, pronounced the dedicatory prayer.

While giving a brief account of the construction of the annexe, Ms.Diethoseu Mepfhuo, Associate Professor and Convenor, GHMC mentioned that the hostel was formerly run by private parties but in 2018 there was a change in policy whereby faculty members formed the GHMC. Noticing the high demand for hostel seats, the committee decided to work on increasing seats. Dimapur Govt. College Teachers Association (DGCTA) was approached by the committee for soft loans and contributions from its members. Due to the positive response from the teachers and individuals, the construction could go ahead, for which she expressed deep gratitude. As of now, the number of seats has increased from 40 (in 2018) to 74 at present. The previous kitchen, dining hall and store room have also been converted into dorms. The hostel still requires fans, dining tables and chairs, among other things.

Representing DGCTA, Lhipe Naro, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology, congratulated the committee for the work done and appreciated the teamwork and willingness of the faculty to work for future generations. He also expressed willingness to help in the coming days.

The former principal of DGC, Kavili Jakhalu, who had initiated the construction of the annexe gave a short speech and called the building a small but ‘living monument’ which symbolizes the teachers’ love for the students with no hope of glory or acknowledgement.

Dr. Moanochet Longchar, Principal of DGC delivered the inaugural address. With an enrollment of 789 girl students out of which 440 were from outside Dimapur, he pointed out the need for another girls’ hostel. He expressed satisfaction that with the active participation of the faculty and alumni, DGC is becoming one of the best higher education institutions of the state and expressed the hope that this trend will continue.

The programme ended with refreshment.

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