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Orientation of Students for NAAC Peer Team on 20.3.2021

An orientation programme was held on the 20 March 2021, to prepare students for arrival of the NAAC Peer Team and subsequent assessment to be carried out on 23 and 24 April, 2021.

The programme was held in the courtyard next to the auditorium cum indoor stadium at 9:15 AM. It was chaired by Dr. Vitsosie Vupru, the IQAC Coordinator.

In his first ever address to the students, the Principal, Dr. Moanochet Longchar, exhorted the students to be positive and in a state of preparedness for any queries from the Peer Team. He highlighted the various criteria for assessment under NAAC. He underlined the importance of the mentoring programme and asked students to prepare for the upcoming session on 27 March 2021. 

The Coordinator emphasised on key points for awareness of students such as the motto of DGC “Try, Trust, Triumph” and the Vision of the College – “Impact Through Quality Education”. He also reminded students of the infrastructure and facilities in the College such as the Seminar Hall, the Friendship Park, pad vending machine, filtered drinking water, etc. There was also a time of self-introduction of all members and prefects under the DGCSC.


(A. Sentiyula)

Nodal Officer cum Convenor

Publicity & Media Cell

Dimapur Govt. College


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