Dimapur Government College

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Report on DGC Inter-departmental Seminar held on 29th of September 2018.

The monthly DGC Inter-Departmental Seminar organized by Research Committee, DGC, was hosted by the Department of English.

Alemla Imsong, Vice-principal, DGC, was in attendance along with 50 participants consisting of faculty and 5th Semester English Honours students.

Shuiching  Konyak, Assistant Professor in English, was chairperson and moderator.

A.Sentiyula, Assistant Professor in English, was paper presenter on the topic Killing the Angelic Peacemaking-Mother of “Time Immemorial”. The paper deliberated on the “socially constructed” roles imposed on women by traditional patriarchal systems, perpetuated by a general apathy or ignorance on the part of the women themselves. 

Several participants raised questions and shared opinions. This was followed by the vote of thanks by Mithu Longkumer, HoD, Department of English.

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