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Report on DGC Parent Teacher Association Meeting on 6thOctober, 2018

Dimapur Govt. College Parent-Teacher Association organised a meeting with the parents/guardians of B. A & B. Com 1st Semester for the year 2018 on  6th of October,  2018 in the college premises.

Chaired by Ms. Kezhaleu Hesso, HoD, department of Economics, the meeting was attended by the Principal, Ms. Kavili Jakhalu, PTA Convenor Ms. Kewe-u Vupru and other PTA members,  IQAC Co-Ordinator,  Dr.Vitsosie Vupru,  other , faculty & 54 ( fifty-four) parents/ guardians. The chairperson welcomed and apprised the gathering of the purpose for the meeting, especially seeking the support of the parents/guardians for the overall development of their wards.

The Principal thanked the parents/guardians for the concern evidenced by their presence in the meeting. She encouraged them to communicate effectively with their wards and to prevent them from using tobacco. She also informed them that in case of any difficulties faced, the students were welcome to approach their mentors for guidance.

Dr.Vitsosie Vupru highlighted the activities of the college especially in the run-up to the anticipated visit from the NAAC Peer Team in 2020 for assessment.  He explained the conceptand importance of assessment and accreditation for the college, and how the students would also profit from a good grade received by the college.

Ms. Shuiching Konyak, from the Student Assessment Committee (SAC) explained the rules and regulations related to academics, exams and the semester system of the University to the parents/ guardians. The various meritorious awards given out from the college were also highlighted.

This was followed by feedback from the parents/guardians. Some of the main concerns shared by them are as follows:

  1. Teachers were requested to lecture audibly or use microphones whenever necessary.
  2. College authority was requested to disseminate information 3 or 4 days in advance prior to the actual program.
  3. Hard copies of the reports of their wards’ performance were requested.
  4. Teachers were requested to strictly monitor the mobile phone usage of the students.

Ms. Kewe-u Vupru, Convenor of PTA, thanked everyone for their role in the successful completion of the meeting. Refreshments were served.


Dr. Hannah Tia
Dept. Of Sociology
Dimapur Govt. College


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