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Report on Dr. KN Singh’s Farewell, 4th August, 2018

Dimapur Government College (DGC) organized a farewell program for Dr. K N Singh, HoD, department of History on the 4th of August, 2018. He was retiring from service on voluntary retirement. 

The program was chaired by Ms. Meripeni Ngully from the department of History. 

A student expressed appreciation for the retiring teacher followed by a special number from students in honour of the outgoing teacher. 

This was followed by farewell speeches from Ms Kavili Jakhalu, Principal of DGC; Ms. Ningshijungla Longchar,  Asstt. Professor, department of History; Dr. Vitsosie Vupru, Asstt Professor, on behalf of DGCTA; and Neiketu Siam, Librarian.

Gifts to the retiring officer were given by the Principal’s office and DGCTA.

Dr. K N Singh & family also  gave gifts to the college as well as the Evangelical Union of DGC .

In his speech, he shared snippets of his life and career. Having been born in a Hindu family in Varanasi, he began his search for God early on in life. After deliberating various career options, he joined Phek College as a lecturer in the year 1989 when it was still a private college. He married a Naga lady – Aphune- from the Chakesang tribe, and they were blessed with 2 daughters. He also became a Christian. 

His search for a deeper fulfilment and meaning resulted in encounters with God which ultimately led him to work full time in ministry. Presently he is helping out a small church in Assam. He requested prayers and support towards his future endeavours. 

A special prayer for KN Singh was pronounced by A. Sentiyula, Asstt Professo, department of English. 

This was followed by lunch.

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