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Report on General Orientation Programme for DGC Freshers, 4.6.2019

A general orientation programme for the freshers of Arts and Commerce streams was held on 4th June from 10 AM onwards. The freshers were seated across four classrooms. The programme was chaired by the following faculty members:

 Ms. A. Sentiyula, Asstt Professor, dept. of English;

 Ms. Bokali, Asstt. Professor, dept. of Pol. Science;

 Dr. Hannah Tia, Asstt. Professor, dept of Sociology and

 Mr. Lhipe Naro, Asstt. Professor, dept of Sociology. 


The welcome address was delivered by:

 Ms. Khrienuo Angami, Asso. Professor, dept of Pol. Science;

 Ms. Kezhaleu Hesso, Asso. Professor & HoD, dept  of Economics;

 Ms. D. Mepfhuo, Asso. Professor, dept of Education and

 Mr. Biswajit Sarkar, Asstt. Professor, dept. of Commerce.


The orientation was divided into three aspects. The first aspect was Student’s Discipline and Welfare which were explained in detail on issues of total ban on tobacco in the campus, uniform and other welfare activities by

Dr. Maongsangba, Asso. Professor, dept. of Pol.Science;

Ms. Meripeni Ngully, Asso. Professor, dept of History;

Ms. Mithu Longkumer, Asso. Professor, dept. of English and

Ms. Alemla Imsong, Asso. Professor  & Vice Principal. 


The next aspect on Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular activities was elaborated upon by highlighting the various clubs and activities through a power point presentation by

Dr. Benjongkumba, Asstt. Professor, dept of Education;

Ms. Lily Rino, Asstt. Professor, dept of History;

Ms. Moamongla Aier, Asstt. Professor, dept of Pol. Science and

 Ms. Suzzanna Yaden, Asstt. Professor, dept of English. 


The final and the most important aspect – Academic matters and Exams dwelt on the semester system, attendance, exam rules and regulations, and academic awards. It was presented by

Dr. T. Jamedi Longkumer, Asstt. Professor, dept. of Philosophy;

Dr. Vitsosie Vuprü, Asstt. Professor, dept of Economics and

Mr. T. Zanthungo Ngullie.

The Dimapur Govt. College Students Council also addressed and interacted with the freshers highlighting its powers and functions, and lastly the NCC wing also did their part of explaining the activities of the NCC while dressed in their NCC attire.

The orientation programme concluded successfully.

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