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Report on Painting, Photography, Card & Bookmark Making , and Floral Arrangement Competitions on 3rd August 2019

The Performing & Fine Arts Club held competitions in Painting, Photography, Card & Bookmark making and Floral arrangement on the 3rd of August 2019.There were a total of 36 participants in the four events. 

The following were the winners in the four events:




First (Tie)

Putuienla                   BA 1st  Sem 

Wapangzenla            BA 5th  Sem 


Second (Tie)

Srijana Khawaja         BA 1st  Sem

Ambika Rai.                B.Com 1st  Sem 


Third (Tie) 

David.                           B.Com 1st  Sem 

Pim Limbu                    B.Com 1st  Sem 


Special Mention

David Mao                 B.A 1st  Sem

Priya Halder.             B.Com 1st  Sem 

Ricky                           B.Com 1st Sem 


Photography :


First: Yahron N.Konyak    B.A 1st  Sem

Second: V.Shau-au           B.A 5th  Sem

Third:  Imsen Jamir          B.A 5th  Sem 


Special Mention:

Yayu Konyak                    B.A 1st  Sem

Amoi  C. Phone               B.A 1st  Sem



Card  & Bookmark Making:


First: Temjenienla Imsong       B.A 5th  Sem

Second: Seyiekrulu Tetseo       B.A 5th  Sem 

Third: Sharen                              B.A 5th  Sem 


Special mention:

Tizele.                                           B.A 5th  Sem 

Waludenla                                   B.A 5th  Sem 

Pewansilie                                   B.A 5th  Sem 


Floral Arrangement:

First: Magdalen                        B.A 5th  Sem 

Second: Yandala                       B.A 5th  Sem

Third: Ruth                                B.A 5th  Sem 


Special Mention: 

Phaam S.                                   B.A 5th  Sem 

Nungshiyanger                        B.Com 5th  Sem 

Soyingbeni                               B.A 5th  Sem 

Abetoli                                      B.A 5th  Sem

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