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Report on Study Tour 2022

The department of economics, Dimapur Government College (DGC) organised study tour for the students of BA 6th semester (Economics) on 20th April, 2022 Mini hydro project Dzülekie and Sheep farm Poilwa under the theme “Economy of Rural farming”.  

 The study tour explored the farming patter of Sheep farming. It is also learnt that the weather condition at Poilwa is conducive for sheep rearing. It is also learnt that the sheep taken from other farms in the state comfortably manage the weather of Poilwa, however the sheep take from Poilwa to other parts of the state suffers a lot due to weather problem. Currently, the sheep is not used for consumption purpose but mostly reared for breeding at Poilwa farm. The team also halted at Dzülekie Mini hydel project where the water flowing down the stream is very clean. The project is under construction and it is expected that the project can provide a huge amount power supply to the neighbouring villages.

 Besides, the above two areas, the students have learnt the scientific system of cultivation where Alder tree produces natural manure from its trunk. The team halted at Khonoma in the morning for breakfast and lunch was taken from Poilwa village.

 Altogether, 44 students and 5 faculty members participated in the tour.




(Anungla Aier)
Associate Prof. & Head
Department of Economics
Department of Economics, DGC 

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