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The Department of Education Motivational Talk GPS Senjem

The Department of Education ,Dimapur Govt .College undertook a Motivational Programme for Stakeholders consisting of Teachers ,Parents and School Management Committee of Government Primary School ,Senjem, Dimapur in collaboration with IQAC, Dimapur Govt. College, on 13th May 2022 at 10 a.m . The HOD Department of Education along with three Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor from the Department attended the programme .

The Resource Person Ms. Rebainla spoke on the role and responsibilities of Teachers. She appealed to the Teachers to observe and understand the psychology of every child as every child is unique having different potentialities .Resource Person Ms. Keweu Vupru spoke on the Parents responsibilities as stakeholders . She urged the Parents to be role models and emphasized on the importance of parental involvement to a child’s success in school and life .The need to monitor the child’s progress in school by co-ordinating with Teachers and to actively participate in all school Activities were reiterated . Resource Person DR. Benjongkumba spoke on the role of School Management Committee (SMC) . As role of SMC is very important he urged upon the members of SMC to play their role sincerely with valid action plan for the growth and  development of the school. The school belongs to the community and it is the responsibility of the community members for the proper functioning of the school so that government schools in Nagaland can attract more students and people will develop confidence in school management .The programme concluded with expression of Thanks and gratitude from the concern stakeholders and requested the college and the Department of Education to extend more support towards the school even in future .

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